Writing an Employee Manual – Not for Wimps

Writing an Employee Manual is not for the faint of heart.

What you do and don’t include in your Employee Manual can
leave you vulnerable.

Aside from advising employees of the great benefits and
programs that your company provides, the Manual must
include unmistakable language that prevents the document
from being construed as an implied contract.

Additionally, the Manual must include very specific
language that can help your business in the event of any
employment litigation.

The truth is that the vast majority of workers are not
looking for ways to extract compensation from your

However, the occasional disgruntled employee or the good
employee who feels “wronged” by the company can be your
worst nightmare by using the wording of an Employee Manual
against you in a lawsuit.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: If you are not knowledgeable about
employment laws and are not a really good wordsmith, then
leave the boilerplate construction of an Employee Manual
to professionals.

And if you are “on-the-fence” about whether or not you
should even have a Manual, check our “Reasons For An
Employee Manual,” which lists some of the pros and cons of
this important employee relations document.

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