Withholding Information

To continue with my thoughts on the book by Marshall
Goldsmith, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” this
week I will be discussing the habit of: withholding

Withholding information comes in two versions.  The first
version is people who purposefully withhold information,
which is usually all about power or control.  The second
version is people who unintentionally withhold

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Fixing people who purposefully
withhold information takes serious professional help and
I’m an advocate of removing such people from an
organization as quickly as possible.  Fixing people who
accidentally withhold or forget to pass along information
is relatively easy.

Most instances of unintentionally failing to provide
information to others are the result of a hectic schedule
and numerous distractions.  In other words, a person feels
that he/she is just so busy that he/she can’t afford the
time to give instructions or information to someone.  If
you are prone to this habit, there are 2 quick ways to
resolve it.  First, you may need to purposefully set some
time aside each day to insure that you share information
with others, such as a 10-minute stand-up meeting each
morning at 9:00AM.  Or after every decision make a
conscious effort think, “Who else would benefit from
knowing this information?”

Don’t forget that habits are behaviors that we repeat.  So
why not purposely practice a good behavior until it
becomes a new habit?

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