Where Is All The Talent?

I read an article recently that described the complaints
of some employers who were trying to take advantage of the
current economic conditions and hire some talented people
for open positions.

The primary complaint was, “Where are all these talented
people that are supposed to be unemployed?”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Here are 2 contrarian pointers
about the worst economy since the Great Depression:
1. Really talented people are the last ones to be laid
2. Really talented people are more likely to hunker-down
in their current jobs rather than venturing out to a new
employer who may have layoffs in 3 months.

Let’s face it, if you thought that finding good people in
a slow economy would be any easier than in a robust
economy, then, you need to think again.

The process for vetting candidates for employment does not
change with the economy.  Yes, there are a lot of people
unemployed and yes, you will get 150 to 200 resumes for an
advertised job.  But you still need to do that 4-letter
word, WORK, to find the truly talented applicants.

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