We Don’t Seem to Get Rid of the C-Players

Over the past few months, I have heard managers
complaining about the non-performers in their ranks. 
These are the employees who are often referred to as

One would think that in the worst economic times in 50
years that managers would make a concerted effort to only
retain the folks who are meeting performance expectations. 
But the facts don’t seem to support the supposition.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: It’s difficult to replace C-Players
when management fails to clearly communicate expectations.

The solution involves managers who have the courage and
the skill to pinpoint and communicate the performance and
the behaviors that are expected and then hold employees
accountable.  And believe it or not, the place to set
these expectations is in the job description.

The basic building block of the employment relationship is
the job description. 

I’m not talking about a traditional job description with
broad statements of responsibilities.  I’m talking about a
results-oriented, high-impact job description that clearly
identifies expected levels of performance.

The job description is a critical tool in:
– Hiring
– Evaluating
– Terminating.

To view our methodology for creating a results-oriented
job description, click on to the link below.

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