Wall Street Journal Article: “Get Rid of the Performance Review!”

If you would like to read a revealing article on the case
for getting rid of the traditional performance evaluation,
click on the following link:


This link is to an article written by Dr. Samuel Culbert
on October 20, 2008 in the Wall Street Journal.

Just under Dr. Culbert’s picture is an indented section
titled, Join The Discussion.  If you click on that section
and go to the comments posted on 10/23/08, you will see my

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: My only criticism with the article
is that Dr. Culbert is trying to advance a concept he
calls Performance Preview, which is his solution for
eliminating the Performance Review.

In my Employee Process Evaluation Program, the
“Performance Preview” is actually accomplished by the
Process Evaluation Observation tool that is created for
each position.

As such, with the actual performance feedback from the
periodic observations having occurred at another time, the
manager and employee are free to implement the continuous
improvement aspects of the Process Evaluation, which are
designed to improve quality, increase productivity, and
reduce costs.

Here’s the link to my Process Evaluation Program if you
want to read more about it.

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