Two Methods Of Assessing Performance

There are only 2 ways of measuring performance:
1. Counting
2. Judging.

Counting is an objective process of (A) analyzing actual
results and/or (B) making observations of performance.

Judging is a subjective evaluation process in which a
manager presents his/her opinion about an employee’s
performance by discerning (rating) and/or comparing
(ranking), rather than counting.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: I’m sure you have heard the old comment,
“Opinions are like mouths, everybody has one.”  Well, this
isn’t the exact saying as I heard it, but it will make my
point.  And the point is – who cares about your “opinions”
of my performance.  I, as an employee, want to know the
facts about my performance.

Traditional performance evaluation programs with arbitrary
5-point rating scales that stress opinions over facts are
exercises in frustration for a manager and an employee.

If you would like to read some great stuff about why
traditional performance evaluations don’t work, check out
the description of my Process Evaluation Program at the
link below.

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