Traditional Performance Reviews = Lower Productivity

If you want to see employee productivity drop like a rock,
rank an employee as a “3” on a 5-point scale under some of
the typical performance appraisal terms such as:

Here is a typical scenario:
1. Employee works 12 full months with minimal feedback.
2. Employee is the first person to volunteer for overtime,
a special project, or to work late.
3. In the employee’s mind, he/she is one of the most
reliable employees in the company.
4. Over the 3 months before the performance evaluation,
the employee is late 9 times.
5. At the evaluation, the manager ranks the employee as
a “3” on a 5-point scale under the characteristic of
Reliability because of the late events.
6. Employee response during the months following the
review amounts to “subtle sabotage” by doing only what is
asked and not volunteering for anything.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Managers need to stop providing
rankings of employee performance using subjective 5-point
scales and abstract terms as noted above.

When it comes to performance, only 3 measurements count:
-Falls Below Standard
-Meets Standard
-Exceeds Standard.

Using a 5-point or a 10-point scale amounts to providing
opinions about performance.  Employees don’t want to hear
your opinions unless they are glowing.  Employees deserve
the Joe Friday treatment from the old “Dragnet” show which
is, “Just the facts ma’am.”

To view our 100% objective approach to appraisals,
download the white paper, “Terminate Performance
Evaluations & Implement Process Evaluations,” at the link

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