The Value Of An Apology

Another comment on the book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get
You There,” by Marshall Goldsmith is the use of a formal
but simple apology.

As I have studied Goldsmith’s coaching advice to senior
executives, I am struck by his phased approach to
correcting character flaws, one of the steps of which
includes getting the executive to apologize to others.

A sincere apology is the centerpiece of Goldsmith’s work
with a manager who wants to eliminate behavioral

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: An apology is not a sign of
weakness.  An apology gives others that you may have hurt
the sense that you have recognized your mistakes and
becomes an advertisement to the “world” that you intend on
making changes.

A sincere apology is a great way to put closure on an
issue of the past and open a new chapter in a

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