The State of Skills

There is a reference in Sales that is applicable to all
professions about “A salesperson with 20 years of
experience who simply has 1 year of sales knowledge
replicated 19 times.”

This comment reflects the fact that what this salesperson
learned 20 years ago hasn’t changed.

Unfortunately, many people believe that just because they
are still doing something, that they are doing it well,
which is not necessarily true.

As such, we need to beware of the state of our
skills – like other things, they require monitoring.

Alan Weiss, internationally known consultant and speaker,
in a 3/20/17 blog post on his “Monday Morning Memo” noted
the following:
“We can generally spot rust – it’s obvious and ugly – but
we can’t spot ‘pre-rust,’ the weakening of the original
material. It’s not failure that’s usually the problem,
it’s the ongoing diminishing of the original state.
That’s why bridges are checked periodically and we
don’t wait for them to fall down to learn there’s
something wrong. It’s why your car battery may
‘suddenly’ die – it’s actually been degrading for
some time but you haven’t noticed the indicator.”

If we don’t stay current in our profession via reading and
seminars and/or we don’t make a concerted effort to
change, we won’t notice the diminution of our skills until
the “rust spots” show and you are asked to find another
job or are passed over when opportunities arise.

As Weiss notes, “Maybe it’s time to stop giving the same
speech, making the same conversation, going to the same
places. Check for the rust, before your business and/or
life fall down.”


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