The Solution For General Motors

With GM given a 60 day timeline to restructure or face
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the obvious question is, “Where do
you begin?”

Well, I wish GM had called me last November because they
wouldn’t be facing this new ultimatum.

Last year, I would have referred them to my Business
Turnaround Blueprint, which is a FREE download on my

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: If there is one thing that I leaned
in the 6 years that I spent doing Turnaround Consulting,
it is that just as there is a process for starting a
business, there is a process for turning around a
business.  Violate the process and you may face Chapter 11
restructuring or even worse Chapter 7 liquidation.

If you know anybody at GM, please refer them to my
website.  And by the way, tell them I’m also available to
do some turnaround consulting for them.

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