The Soft Side of Lean

The word, “lean,” has come to represent a whole range of
strategies that include lean manufacturing, just-in-time,
six sigma, kaizen, Toyota Production System, etc.

These otherwise wonderful “hard” operational tools for
improving efficiency and effectiveness unfortunately miss
50% of the opportunity for real organizational

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The 50% that these strategies miss
is the “soft” side of business. 

If your organization is implementing lean techniques
without the corresponding soft skills for helping all
employees think and work together differently, then you
are leaving half the savings “on the table.”

In fact, I am of the belief that you will only achieve a
fraction of the potential of these “hard” tools if you
have not taken the time to establish the interpersonal and
behavioral expectations that will make lean a lasting
strategy, rather than a passing fad.

My Process Evaluation Program was designed specifically to
augment the “leaning” of a business.  The foundational
step of the Process Evaluation is a Process-Oriented Job
Description.  To read more about the Job Description click
on the link below and read item #7 on the page that opens.

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