The Purpose of a Business – Part II of II

The purpose of a business is to become the best version of
itself.  In order to achieve this, companies must have
fully engaged and committed employees. 

But how does an organization get engaged and committed

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The answer lies in helping
employees to fulfill their personal desires to progress
and advance.

The sales guru, Zig Zigler, has a famous line,
“You can get everything in life you want if you just help
enough other people get what they want.”

Businesses can help employees ignite their passion for
work by helping employees achieve their personal goals and

Let’s face it, dreams and personal goals are at the core
of every person.  It is there that our passion for life
burns.  When people get caught up in day-to-day survival,
they stop thinking about the future.  When they stop
dreaming, they begin to disengage from work,
relationships, life, etc.

If an organization wants fully engaged, committed, and
loyal employees, then companies need to show employees how
to “connect the dots” between the jobs they currently have
and the futures they dream of.

Lukesh Consulting Group has created a program for client
companies called Personal Goal Planning (PGP).

PGP is a methodology for improving employee engagement
that results in dramatic increases in customer
satisfaction, company culture, sales, and profits.

To read more about PGP and how it can transform the
finances and culture of a business, download our white
paper title, “Personal Goal Planning” at the link below: 

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