The Purpose of a Business – Part I of II

What is the purpose of a business?  Here are three typical
*To make money
*To serve clients
*To provide quality products/services.

We would like to propose another answer to this question. 
The answer is:

To become the best version of itself.

If an organization concentrates on becoming
the best version of itself, the continuous improvement
process that this phrase suggests will accomplish the
three answers above and much more.

However, a company can only become the best version of
itself to the extent that the employees of the business
are striving to become the best versions of themselves.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: When employees strive to be
the best versions of themselves, they are goal driven and
fully engaged in their work lives and personal lives.

Three things keep people engaged in a job:
1) The sense that they are appreciated.
2) The sense that they are making a difference.
3) The sense that they are progressing or advancing.

Most companies do an adequate job of appreciating
employees and showing individuals how they make a
difference.  When it comes to helping employees progress
and advance, organizations often come up short.

In Part II of this blog next week, we will introduce you
to a program that dramatically increases employee
commitment, engagement, and loyalty, while showing
employees how to become the best versions of themselves.

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