The Only Two Methods of Assessing Performance

There are only two ways of measuring performance
(1) Counting and (2) Judging.

Counting is an objective process of (A) analyzing actual
results and/or (B) making observations of performance.

Judging is a subjective evaluation process in which a
manager presents his/her opinion about an employee’s
performance by discerning (rating) and/or comparing
(ranking), rather than counting.

HR POINTER: Traditional performance review programs with
arbitrary 5-point rating scales are designed to emphasize
the subjective opinions of a manager over the objective
facts of an employee’s performance.  As such, these
evaluations often end in frustration and anger for both
the manager and the employee.

It has been said, “Opinions are like mouths, everybody has
one.”  However, when it comes to performance appraisals,
it’s not a manager’s opinions that are important but
rather the facts about an employee’s performance.

If you would like to find out about our objective approach
to performance appraisals, read our white paper at the
link below titled, “Terminate Performance Evaluations and
Implement Process Evaluations.”

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