The Fox in the Henhouse – Your Supervisor

As juries lose patience with companies unable to control
managers who engage in discriminatory conduct, the
financial awards given to employees are getting larger and

A cursory review of lawsuits indicates that mid-level
managers and first-line supervisors tend to be the point
from which the vast majority employment law claims

Most companies do a good job of having in place written
policies, required posters, and some supervisory training.
But is this enough?

HR POINTER: Despite an organization’s best efforts to
train its managerial staff, the fact is that executives
cannot be everywhere and cannot control every bit of

Companies are left to rely on the daily interactions of
managers and supervisors with direct reports. In essence,
an organization’s managerial staff becomes the fox that
guards the henhouse by virtue of the fact that nobody
formally assesses their interpersonal dealings with their
direct reports.

What we have found is that a 360 Review is one of the best
ways to discover whether or not a manager is the fox in
the corporate henhouse.

Part of the 360 Review process includes confidential
conversations with selected direct reports of a manager.

When it comes to 360 Reviews, companies need to be very
careful to select a 360 Review process that is driven by
real 1-on-1 conversations with employees, rather than the
typical sterile questionnaire with its 5-point rating
scale. For a good overview of how we conduct 360 Reviews,
click on the link below:


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