The Excessive Need To Be "Me"

To continue with my insights on the book by Marshall
Goldsmith, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” this
week I will be discussing the habit of: the excessive need
to be “me.”

I have often used DISC Behavioral Profiles in my
consulting and coaching work.  One of the basic tenets of
all behavioral profile programs is that any positive
behavior overused becomes a weakness.  As such the
behavioral profile of the hard-charging, finish your
sentence for you, take no prisoners, just give me the
bottom line manager can be a positive attribute except if
it is used in every aspect of the manager’s life.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: It’s not about you!  It’s about
your employees and providing them with a work environment
that makes them feel fulfilled as human beings while
providing economic value for your organization.  If you
can’t modify your behavior to fit the situation, then you
are a manager with a limited shelf-life that will last as
long as your present position lasts.

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