The Competency Leadership Model is Broken

The competency leadership model of promoting the person
with the best technical abilities often incubates failure.

We have all heard the stories similar to the superstar
salesperson who gets promoted to the VP of Sales position
only to be fired a year later for incompetence.

The fact is that it was not the incompetence of the former
salesperson but rather the incompetence of those who
selected the person for the executive role.

Let’s face it, having the technical competency to do one’s
job is not something to be rewarded with a promotion – it
is simply expected.

When it comes to promotions to managerial jobs, hard
skills should represent nothing more than the “ante to get
in the game.”

The big problem is that hard skills are easy to measure
and companies like things that are easy and predictable.

HR POINTER: When promoting an employee, we need to take
into consideration the sum total of the person’s hard
skills and soft skills.

The fact is that intelligence and great technical skills
don’t automatically make a person collaborative, receptive
to input, empathetic, communicative, consultative, and
other characteristics that we seek in management
leadership roles.

For management positions, it is not what a person knows so
much as how he/she is able to use that knowledge to
inspire and create brilliance in others.

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