The Butterfly Effect and Company Profits

There is a condition in chaos theory known as the
Butterfly Effect.  Under this concept, the flapping of a
butterfly’s wings in Brazil has the potential to set off a
hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Butterfly Effect suggests that small and seemingly
inconsequential actions in one area can have dramatic
consequences on a larger scale.

This idea may appear esoteric, but when it comes to
recognition of employees, the Butterfly Effect is real.

HR POINTER: Repetitive, small acts of recognition can
dramatically change company culture and profits.

When managers regularly show appreciation for the efforts
of employees, the company can reap large rewards.

However, many managers mistakenly assume that recognition
has to do primarily with monetary/tangible rewards.  The
fact is that research has proven that employees value
social/intangible recognition far more than they value
tangible rewards.

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organization via the Butterfly Effect, view our approach
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One Response to The Butterfly Effect and Company Profits

  1. John Kriegsmann says:

    I enjoyed your article on the new unionization poster. Good advice. While the best defense against unionization is creating a positive work environment and encouraging two way communication I believe it is also important for employers to communicate to employees why it is in the best interest of both the employee and the company to remain union free.

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