The #1 Hiring Mistake

The #1 hiring mistake that managers make is the
over-reliance on the interaction with the candidate during
the face-to-face interview as an indicator of which
applicant can best do the job.

Most managers make a hire/no hire decision based on what
is known as the 4As.  The 4As are the four attributes of
Attractive, Aggressive, Articulate, and Amiable.

In essence, an applicant who scores well on at least three
of the four A-attributes will generally have a 90%
probability of winning the job.

HR POINTER:  The 4As is a clever way of identifying the
fact that most managers hire based on cosmetic and
superficial indicators.  Rather than hiring the person who
can best DO THE JOB, managers hire the person with the
best ability to GET THE JOB.

We can help.  Our firm conducts intensive fact-based and
behavior-based phone interviews of candidates and then
refers the top 3 to 5 candidates to our clients for onsite
interviews with a manager.

For an overview of the type of recruiting assistance we
provide companies, please read our interviewing overview
found at the link below:

This link also provides you with information for
downloading the first 5 chapters of our interviewing
E-book for managers titled, “Secrets to Hiring Success.”

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One Response to The #1 Hiring Mistake

  1. John Kriegsmann says:

    I took some time to read your materials today. Impressed with your business model and I liked your electronic newsletter. Your article on the number one hiring mistake is priceless. I have experience in Targeted Selection and have found that a focused behavioral interviewing process is a practical way to avoid hiring mistakes. A solid interviewing and selection process backed up by a extended and focused evaluation period over the first six months of employment can greatly reduce a company’s turnover, productivity and employee relations problems downstream.

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