Tax Credit for Paid Family Leave

The law firm, Jackson Lewis P.C., has put together an
excellent series of blog posts on how a company can claim
a federal tax credit for employer-provided paid family and
medical leave, as result of the recently-enacted Tax Cuts
and Jobs Act. Companies of all sizes are eligible for
this credit.

Here is a link to the main article:

Below are the 4 steps for determining eligibility for the
tax credit along with links to the Jackson Lewis blog
sites for complete information.

Step #1
Identify any policies that provide voluntary (i.e., not
required by law) paid time off to employees for health
conditions, pregnancy, bonding, injured service member,

Step #2
Identify the dollar value paid out under one or all of the
above policies to use as an estimate for calculating a
2018 tax credit.

Step #3
Use the Jackson Lewis Tax Credit Calculator to estimate
your tax credit. (see link below)

Step #4
Review with your tax accountant as the tax credit is a
dollar-for-dollar reduction in your organization’s tax


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