Talent Management Software – A Waste for Small Business

Talent Management Software (TMS) is one of the hot
products in the HR field.

TMS promises to track tenure and career goals, to set up
Facebook-like profiles for employees, to keep track of
performance evaluations, and other bells and whistles.

For companies with thousands of employees, TMS may have
advantages in that the company is so large that it is
difficult to know employee skill sets and career goals on
a personal level.

For small companies, the price tag for the typical TMS
program starts at around $25,000 per year.  However, does
a small company really need an expensive software program
to get to know its employees better?

HR POINTER: Effective employee relations is more than a
software program for tracking data – it involves managers
engaging employees on a personal level, not just a work

A small business of less than 500 employees should have
enough of a personal relationship with each employee that
there is an excellent understanding of an employee’s
competencies, level of performance, career goals, and
personal goals.

We offer a program called Personal Goal Planning that
allows organizations to better develop that personal
relationship with each employee.  For more info about our
program, click on the link below:

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