Submission to Authority

I read an interesting article titled, “My Kid Won’t Listen
to Me – The Art of No.”

The article was about ways and reasons to say “no” to a
child using a technique called a “qualified yes.”

The article pointed out an intriguing fact.  It noted that
research has shown that a child only willingly submits to
a parent’s authority when the child believes the parent is
genuinely committed to helping the child meet his/her

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: When it comes to respect for
authority, employees are no different than children in
that we willingly submit to those in authority who we feel
have our best interest at heart.

Having someone’s best interest at heart is a prerequisite
for trust.

The book, “The Speed of Trust,” states that trust is a
function of 2 things:

1. Character – that includes integrity, motives, and

2. Competence – that includes capabilities, skills,
results and track record.

An employee knows that a manager has his/her best interest
at heart when a manager’s character and competence are
other-centered, not self-centered.


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