Soft Skills Are Hard

Believe it or not, the “soft” side of business is very
hard.  Setting and maintaining interpersonal behaviors and
expectations for employees is always difficult.  But it
must be done.

In December, I wrote about “The Soft Side of Lean.”  Many
executives assume that the implementation of lean
strategies to improve operations will also improve
employee behaviors.  Oh, how wrong they are!

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Managers cannot delegate the hard
work of interacting, coaching, recognizing, and rewarding
employees to operational tools and programs such as lean.

Employment is an ongoing relationship, not a once-and-done

The skills you use to maintain good relationships with
family and friends are directly applicable to
relationships at work.  Pay attention to these skills and
you will see how easy the “soft” side of business can

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  1. Gary says:


    Thanks for the tips; words of wisdom for all of us in leadership.


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