Shined Shoes Save Lives

The quote, “Shined shoes save lives” is attributed to
General Norman Schwarzkopf.  This quote means that being
undisciplined, casual, and sloppy about seemingly little
things inevitably permeates to affect all things.

On a real battlefield, lack of discipline can mean the
difference between life and death.  On the business
battlefield, “disciplined troops” will determine the
financial viability of a firm, especially during tough
economic times.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: You have to measure to manage, and
what you can’t or aren’t measuring, you can’t manage.

Every organization needs standards of performance and
managers to assess employees periodically against those
standards.  Without this one-two punch of setting
standards and measuring adherence to standards, you have
no standards because people will do what they want.

Remember: Employees pay attention to what you pay
attention to.

Measuring performance is a foundational concept of any
business.  If you would like to see a system for
implementing this basic building block of an effective
organization, check out my Employee Process Evaluation
Program.  This Program will allow you to document duties,
critical processes, and standards of performance.

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