Our Sales Approach

The biggest issues that we have heard from HR professionals about entering the field of consulting is, “I don’t have any sales training, I dislike selling, and I hate cold-calling.”  Our response is, “Do you know how to ask questions and do you like educating people about HR?”

The truth is that we hate selling ourselves, but we are passionate about teaching people about HR and how our HR services can improve a company’s bottom line.  As such, we train our Member-Partners to use our low-key and effective viral/educational sales approach that we call Process-Oriented Selling (POS).

With our proprietary POS program, you will not learn any gimmicky sales closing techniques and you are not going to be doing any cold-call telemarketing.  However, you will learn how to use our products and services as part of a professional approach to selling and you will be teaching prospects about how our HR systems can improve employee engagement and productivity.