Right to Unionization Poster – Nothing to Fear

Effective 11/14/11, companies are required to post in a
conspicuous place a new poster mandated by the National
Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

This poster is designed to advise all employees of their
rights to representation under the National Labor
Relations Act (NLRA).

Over the past few weeks, numerous articles have been
written that rail against this new mandate.  Putting aside
the overt attempt by the NLRB to promote unionization,
does anyone really think that employees in our internet
age do not understand their rights?

For years, companies have posted EEO, FLSA, OSHA, FMLA,
and other posters.  As a result of these postings, there
has not been any significant adverse impact on companies.

HR POINTER: For companies that don’t “have their house in
order,” there is probably legitimate concern over the
potential for increased unionization efforts with this new
poster.  For companies with strong employee relations
programs, there is nothing to fear.

If you would like to read an outline of what a strong
employee relations program looks like, download our white
paper titled, “A Comprehensive Human Resource Program”
from the link below:

Let’s face it, employees usually seek union representation
when they feel that they have no other place to turn.  If
management is doing its job, then employees will have no
need to turn to a third party for support.

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