Reduce Health Care Costs with Quick Fit

Every year, numerous companies try to implement some sort
of diet and/or exercise program for employees in an effort
to improve employee health and potentially reduce health
care costs.

In fact, some companies have gone as far as hiring
nutritionists and equipping a small gym in their buildings
in the hope that employees will take advantage of these

Unfortunately, many of these programs start out with great
intentions, but within 6 months, only the “hardcore” 10%
to 20% of employees are still in the programs.  When it
comes to exercise, the question is, “Why do these programs
fail and why do company gyms remain largely unused?”

The answer is that when you talk to people about exercise,
they generally assume that it will take a large amount of
time and that a certain amount of sweat will be involved.
With time consumption and sweat as the assumed factors,
people typically want to change clothes and some may even
want shower facilities.

The result is that exercise becomes a complicated process.

But what if there was a 15-minute, no sweat program that
employees could do in their work clothes?  Would this
eliminate most of the excuses of not wanting to exercise?

HR POINTER: A fitness expert, Rick Bradley, has written a
book titled, “Quick Fit.”  Bradley’s Quick Fit Program is
designed specifically as a 15-minute, no sweat workout
that can be done in work clothes and even high heels.

Bradley’s program can be done all at one time or broken
into a few manageable parts all of which consumes 15
minutes and does not require special clothing, equipment,
a dedicated workout room.

Bradley states, “Research has shown that short exercise
sessions can make a big difference.  Exercise is like
money in the bank in that it is cumulative and adds up
over time.”

One of Bradley’s customers is the company, Borland, Inc.
in Maryland.  The program Bradley put together for Borland
*A 10 minute stroll on a treadmill
*A 3 minute workout with hand weights
*A 1 minute stretching program, and
*A 1 minute set of stomach crunches.

The result is that this simple program has helped the
200 Borland employees lose weight and lower blood
pressure, which has a positive impact on Workers
Compensation and health insurance costs.

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