Recruiting And Interviewing

Tired of spending hours sifting through hundreds of resumes from job candidates?

Tired of conducting endless phone interviews to find the top 3 to 5 candidates for in-person interviews?

Tired of spending thousands of dollars with search firms or temp agencies only to get candidates who never really met your criteria?

Our recruiting and interviewing service can resolve these issues for you.

Our Member-Partners are not search consultants and our organization is not a search firm or a temp agency.  Our Member-Partners are engaged by clients to act in management’s best interest.

A Member-Partner conducts him/herself as your company’s HR Manager. As such, the Member-Partner:

  • Does not solicit resumes except when engaged in filling an open position for you, and
  • Does not charge based on a percentage of the new employee’s salary.

If you have used search firms or temp agencies in the past, you know that they don’t do the tough interviewing analysis required to properly vet candidates.  Unless you are dealing with a very high-end headhunter, search firms and temp agencies tend to refer “acceptable” candidates for interviews, despite the minimum candidate criteria that you have requested.

Their primary objective is to make a sale.  Their hope is that by getting you to meet an acceptable candidate, the “magic” will happen in the interview and you will want to hire the person.

Search firms and temp agencies get paid to place people, not to do the hard work of selecting the best candidates.  And yes, they get paid very well for simply referring a bunch of resumes, which in some cases can be up to 30% of the first year’s salary of the new hire.  In their defense, search firms and temp agencies have certain legal constraints that prevent them from truly acting as your representative in a hiring situation.

Our recruiting and interviewing service specifically requires a Member-Partner to act as your representative in weeding out the candidates who do not meet your specifications.

Our recruiting and interviewing service is a customized program based on our organization’s book, “Secrets to Hiring Success,” which outlines a structured recruiting process for delivering to you the top 3 to 5 candidates for interviews.

Our methodology allows you the ability to customize the aspects of the search process that you want one of our Member-Partners to perform by making up your own list of functions or by selecting activities from the following list:

  • Write and place newspaper and/or internet ads.
  • Search the databases of CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice, and LinkedIn for active and passive candidates.
  • Review all resumes submitted.
  • Conduct phone interviews with the top candidates to select the 3 to 5 people for you to personally interview.
  • Schedule interviews for you.
  • Present you with a written summary of qualifications and responses for each candidate.
  • Debrief candidates after the in-person interview with you.
  • Conduct employment reference checks and verification of credentials.
  • Assist with negotiation of compensation.
  • Present a verbal offer and/or prepare the offer letter for your signature.
  • Participate in the face-to-face interviews with you.
  • Contact all the unsuccessful candidates and provide them with a legally compliant reason that they were not selected.

Our Interviewing Service is billed on an hourly rate based on the services selected and your budgetary constraints.  Our program is designed to deliver an overall savings to you of 60%+ compared to search firms and temp agencies.

To receive information about our Interviewing Service, contact a Member-Partner in your area or our corporate offices.

If you would like to view the first 5 chapters of our book, “Secrets to Hiring Success,” you can find this PDF on the Downloads page of our website.