Pros & Cons of Employee Manuals

Employee Manuals are not just for large organizations. 

Here is our rule of thumb:
If you have more employees than you have fingers on one
hand, you need the legal protections that an Employee
Manual provides.

Years ago, lawyers were recommending against creating an
Employee Manual for their small business clients.

Times have changed to the point that the single biggest
protection a company has in an employment lawsuit is the
Employee Manual.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Compliance with federal laws
requires notifying your employees that you support equal
opportunity, prohibit harassment, allow time off for
certain reasons, etc., etc., etc.

In the absence of such notifications, courts will
interpret past practices and actions of managers based on
the testimony of witnesses, which can easily be slanted by
a good attorney.

The best way to communicate this information and protect
your company is through a well-written Employee Manual
that preserves management’s right to manage the
organization in a productive and efficient manner.

For a modern-day list of Employee Manual pros and cons,
click on the link below and download our PDF file,
“Reasons For An Employee Manual.”

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