Proclaim Your Culture: Use Words If Necessary

Highly successful companies know how to use organizational culture as a competitive advantage.

These companies have discovered that their success has less to do with corporate strategy, resources, and technological advantages and more to do with values, personal beliefs, vision, and actions that are consistent with those values, beliefs, and vision.

However in some companies, the gulf between lip service and action is painfully evident as the culture is “do as I say, not as I do.”

Culture Test:  If you didn’t use any words to describe your culture and only assessed the actions and behaviors of employees, do the day-to-day interactions of employees with their peers and with customers represent the culture that you want?

HR POINTER: Forget all the lofty words and phrases of the mission statement, vision, and company philosophy.  When it comes to culture, actions speak louder than words.  As such, the single biggest determining factor as to the culture that employees “live” on a day-to-day basis is the actions of senior management.

Companies that are consistently high performers have a culture that is “glued” together by 4 senior management activities: 1. Set/Revise Direction 2. Gain Commitment for the Direction 3. Execution 4. Set a Personal Example.

We have created a one-page graphic that we call Organizational Model for Financial Success.  We use this model with our clients to depict how the 4 leadership activities are funneled through individual employee performance to achieve bottom line results.

If you would like a PDF of this graphic, please contact the Member-Partner who sends you our weekly HR Tip-of-the-Week and he/she will forward the graphic to you.

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