Process-Oriented Selling

One of the services that I provide to organizations is Sales Training. I have created a program that I call Process-Oriented Selling that combines the best parts of 7 nationally recognized sales training programs into a single program.

Before I accept a sales training engagement, I ask the question, “Who in management will be responsible for monitoring the salespeople to ensure that they are utilizing the new behaviors that are presented during training?”

The reason for the question is that research shows that 86% of material presented during a sales training program is forgotten within 30 days of the session if management does not hold salespeople accountable for the new behaviors

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Whether it is sales training or any other training program, don’t waste your time or money on training employees unless someone in management is designated as the person accountable for ensuring that the new behaviors and processes are implemented.

I am a strong believer in training. Unfortunately, most managers erroneously believe that simply presenting information to employees will cause them to change behaviors or activities; it just doesn’t work that way.

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