Print Learning Beats Digital

As we become more familiar with technology, there is the
urge to move everything to some digital format. Training
of employees is one of those areas that is being pushed
into the digital arena.

But do people learn better in a digital format compared to
the “old-fashioned” printed page?

Researchers Patricia Alexander and Laure Singer answer
this question in a research project that they completed.

The students involved in this research said that they
preferred learning in a digital format and were able to
read faster. The students also stated that their reading
comprehension was higher in a digital format.

To test student beliefs, the researchers had the students
read 4 documents: 2 digital and 2 in print format. The
researchers then asked a series of questions about the

The results showed that comprehension was better with the
printed material than with the digital documents.

The implication of this study is that if employees only
need a general understanding of a topic, then a digital
format is certainly appropriate. However if employees are
expected to have a deep understanding of a subject, then
printed material is the better choice.


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