Predicting Employee Success

When it comes to predicting which employees will be
successful, many companies have used IQ scores, stress
interviews, personality tests, behavioral profiles,
simulations, and multiple other techniques.

Despite the use of these tools, there has not been any
single measure that has generated more than a 25%
probability of predicting success.

According to Harvard researcher, Shawn Achor, there are
three factors that when combined can produce a 75%
probability of predicting the success of an employee:

1. A person’s belief that his/her behavior matters.

2. A positive social support system.

3. A person’s view of a challenge as an impetus to improve
rather than stress to be avoided.

One of the keys to Achor’s approach to improving work and
personal relationships is the way a person views the
world.  People who scan the environment for the negatives
tend to lose their energy for life.  Achor notes that if
we can change the lens through which our brain filters
events, we can dramatically improve our energy,
productivity, and attitude.

HR POINTER: Managers have heard the old adage, “Hired for
experience, fired for attitude.”  The fact is that
attitude matters.

As managers interview candidates, they would be well
advised to add to their interview repertoire questions and
interactive opportunities with other staff members to
better assess an applicant’s world view as “the glass half
full” or “the glass half empty.”

For additional resources and information on Achor’s ideas
for improving organizational performance, you can visit
his website at

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