Personal Goal Planning

An employee relations strategy for increasing commitment, engagement, and loyalty.

Everyone is aware of the old adage, “Numbers Drive the Business.”

What most companies forget is thatPeople Drive the Numbers.”

It has been said that the purpose of a business is to become the best version of itself.  In order to become the best version of itself and achieve its financial objectives, a company must have fully engaged, committed, and loyal employees.

Therefore, before a company can become the best version of itself, it must help employees become the best versions of themselves.

The sales guru, Zig Zigler, has a famous line, “You can get everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

Businesses can help employees ignite their passion for work by helping employees achieve their personal goals and ambitions.

Let’s face it, dreams and personal goals are at the core of every person.  It is there that our passion for life burns.  When people get caught up in day-to-day survival, they stop thinking about the future.  When they stop dreaming, they begin to disengage from work, relationships, life, etc.

If an organization wants fully engaged, committed, and loyal employees, then it needs to show employees how to “connect the dots” between the jobs they currently have and the futures that they dream of.

The biggest problems that most employees encounter in achieving their goals are:

  1. Financial illiteracy
  2. Lack of a realistic plan
  3. No accountability.

We have created a program that resolves these three issues called Personal Goal Planning.

Personal Goal Planning is not some theoretical social experiment to make “bleeding hearts” feel good.  Personal Goal Planning is designed to improve company quality, customer relations, sales, and profits by tapping into the reservoir of personal passions and ambitions of employees in order to benefit the company.

Our Personal Goal Planning Program resolves the above three stumbling blocks in a confidential and non-threatening environment that is designed to get employees:

  1. To select one or two practical goals to work on.
  2. To create a realistic plan for achieving those goals.
  3. To hold them accountable via periodic follow-up meetings:
    –  To check on the status of the goals.
    –  To select new goals to accomplish.

When an organization helps employees pursue their dreams by showing them how to develop goal-setting and planning skills, those employees not only bring those skills to their work, but also associate work as the vehicle that gets them to their goals.

An organization changes when the habits of the people who make up the company change.

When a business shows employees how to develop sound habits for progressing and advancing in their personal lives, the business helps employees to become the best versions of themselves.

When employees are becoming the best versions of themselves, the company is on the path to becoming the best version of itself.

To receive information about our Personal Goal Planning Program and how it can transform the finances and culture of a business, contact a Member-Partner in your area or our corporate offices.