Perks Don’t Work – We Need Great Leaders

As companies are spending thousands of dollars on
perquisites (e.g., gyms, nap pods, quiet rooms,
free food and beer, etc.), research studies are showing
greater dissatisfaction among employees at work.

These studies are pointing to the fact that more and more
employees simply don’t care what happens to the business
or to its customers. And adding more fluff in the form of
perks, doesn’t get at the issues underlying this “I don’t
care” attitude.

Employees don’t care because they perceive that leadership
only cares about leadership and the bottom line. As such,
employees aren’t fooled into believing that the free wine
and food is caring.

All the perks in the world are meaningless if the leaders
of a company fail to understand what really matters to

Employees want to work for a company that:
#1 Has a purpose beyond just making money.
#2 Values employee development.
#3 Provides opportunities for growth.
#4 Has a dynamic leadership team.
#5 Has a competitive salary and benefits program.

If the above five items are running well in your company,
now let’s talk about company playgrounds and freebees.


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