Performance Reviews Help Employees Win Employment Litigation

A study some years ago by the Michigan Bar Association
noted that only 3% of lawyers felt that a performance
appraisal benefited an employer during litigation.  In
this same study, 44% of lawyers felt that the performance
evaluation benefited the employee during a lawsuit.

In my previous blog post, I noted that research on
employee lawsuits identified that from 2006 to 2007 the
number of cases won by employees rose 13% and the median
verdict award to employees rose by over 70%.

I’d be willing to bet that in each one of those cases won
by employees, the employees entered their performance
evaluations into evidence in each case.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Traditional performance evaluations
do more harm than good, not only as it relates to your
ongoing employee relations efforts, but also if you are
involved in employment litigation.

Take a look at my white paper, Terminate Performance
Evaluations & Implement Process Evaluations
(, for a 100%
objective approach to evaluating employee performance.

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