Pay Scale Checkup for 2011

As the summer draws to a close, businesses get back into
“the swing of things” and get serious about achieving
year-end goals.

The close of summer also means that your employees will
start getting serious about improving their own financial
goals as they look forward to the next calendar year.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Salary is the yardstick by which we
measure our success and compare ourselves to others. 
Keeping employees’ salaries competitive with the market is
one of the keys to retaining employees.

We know times have been tough and most businesses have
been unable to provide salary increases, but now is the
time to do a “Pay Scale Checkup” or at least begin
planning for compensation changes in 2011.

We offer our clients a $95.00 Pay Scale Checkup that

1) A Pay Scale Checkup Worksheet for you to complete at
your leisure and return to us for analysis, AND

2) A one (1) hour consultation to discuss our analysis and
address specific issues in your distribution of salaries
related to:
*Equal Pay Issues
*Anchor vs. Non-Anchor Jobs
*Market Availability of Anchor Jobs
*Strategies for Rewarding A-Players
*Market Rates and Benchmarks for Anchor Jobs
*Compensating B-Players While Maintaining Motivation
*Pay Grade Differentiation between Managers and Employees.

If you are interested in learning more about our Pay Scale
Checkup, please email us your contact information and we
will call you to discuss the process that we use.

Please note, all information provided to us either on the
Pay Scale Checkup Worksheet or through direct
communication will be held in strictest confidence.

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