Outsourcing – Hiring A Part-Time HR Manager

Outsource HR or Hire In-House?
The Case for Hiring a Part-Time HR Manager

One of our strong philosophical positions is that every company needs professional Human Resource (HR) advice.

Having stated this, the size of the organization, the amount of employee turnover, and the future plans of the business are all factors in determining whether the HR professional is needed:

  • On an on-call basis,
  • On a part-time, on-site arrangement, or
  • As a full-time, in-house employee of the company.

Our Member-Partners provide on-call and part-time on-site HR services to businesses that do not have the need and cannot afford the expense of a full-time, in-house HR Manager.

Our part-time on-site arrangements involve one of our Member-Partners on-site in your company on a mutually agreed upon schedule to provide HR support to your administrative people who handle HR activities and/or to become your part-time HR Department.  Our part-time, on-site arrangements include schedules such as:

  • 4 hours every month.
  • 4 hours every other week.
  • 2 hours every week.
  • 4 hours every week.
  • 8 hours every week. or
  • Based on your needs.

When considering on-call or part-time on-site HR services, the following are our 5 reasons for selecting one of our Member-Partners as your part-time HR Manager:

1) Regulations – It’s not the number of state and federal laws that you need to know.  Rather, it’s the number of agency administrative rulings and court cases, which add new interpretations to laws on a daily basis.

  • An example is an administrative ruling by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that modified the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by prohibiting discrimination against candidates for employment and employees who are “associated” with individuals with a qualifying disability.
  • Do your managers know how to respond to an applicant for employment who says during an interview, “I’m a recovering drug addict?”  Is this an innocent comment or are you being set-up for a lawsuit?  And what is the correct response?

2)    Employee Relations – Your employees need someone else to talk to about confidential work-related issues besides supervisors?  A part-time, on-site HR Manger is the person who can walk the fine line between labor and management, while giving your employees a “safety valve” that can prevent lawsuits and unionization.

3) Supervisor Productivity – Simplify your operations and refocus on your core activities by relieving supervisors, the Controller, and the Office Manager of HR administrative duties and providing them with an in-house specialist who can assist them with issues from recruiting the best applicant to difficult disciplinary action and performance improvement conversations.

4) On-Call Professional – In all organizations, 80% to 90% of issues have HR implications.  When things come up, who do you or your supervisors call?  Do you call a labor attorney at $300 an hour?  Do you do a search on Google and spend hours reading opinions and reports, only to find that the information is 5 years old?  Or would you rather get an answer in 5 minutes, at no charge, from your own part-time HR Manager who knows your business, knows your employees, and is current in the profession?

5) Your Part-Time HR Manager Advantage – If you are looking to dramatically grow your organization or if you just want operational excellence associated with increased productivity and high profitability, our Member-Partners have the ability to help move your organization in your chosen direction.  The programs we provide, such as Performance Evaluations, 360 Reviews, Wage & Salary, Interviewing, Recognition, Supervisory Training, etc., are all designed to assist your company in achieving its competitive and financial goals.

To receive more information about our Outsourced HR Services, contact a Member-Partner in your area or our corporate offices.