Affordable Job Search Outplacement Services For Your Displaced Employees

How You Handle An Employee Termination Or Layoff Will Determine Whether You Are Party To A Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit!

In today’s business environment, there are many reasons employees are removed from a company, such as:
  • Discharged for cause (Willful Misconduct)
  • Failure to meet performance standards
  • Economic layoff
  • Downsizing
  • Behavior

With the exception of an employee discharged for cause, employers want to make sure that a displaced employee will be able to transition to a new position with minimal financial impact for the employee and his/her family.

To help employees in this important transition phase, companies are including Outplacement Services as part of the separation arrangement to help employees have a “soft landing” through the transition period and into a new job.

Outplacement Services provide the following advantages:
  • The announcement of Outplacement Services at the time of separation allows the company and the employee the opportunity to look to the future and not argue about the past or what is being lost.
  • It allows the company to provide an amicable conclusion to a stressful job separation.
  • It allows the employee an outlet for his/her anxiety before it leads to anger over the separation, which can lead to costly post-employment litigation.
  • It can improve the image of the company by communicating an atmosphere of “fair play” especially to the friends and coworkers of the displaced employee who still remain in the organization.
Our personalized Outplacement Service provides an employee with:
  1. Career Consultation and Job Search Coaching.
  2. A Professionally Written Resume and Cover Letter.
  3. The book, “Secrets To Getting Hired.”
  4. A Set of 32 Job Search Forms and Worksheets.
  5. Interview Preparation.

Our structured Outplacement Program will help a displaced employee secure a new position faster than if the employee conducted the job search on his/her own.

And as an employer, you want that employee to be fully occupied in a new job search and hired as quickly as possible, rather than sitting at home “stewing” about the circumstances of the separation, which usually leads to a call to a lawyer.

To receive information about our Outplacement Services, contact a Member-Partner in your area or our corporate offices.