Out-Behave Your Competition

Employee behavior and performance are the differentiating
advantages that your competitors cannot copy.

Companies don’t want to believe it, but they often have 2
strategies operating simultaneously within their
1. Top-down
2. Bottom-up.

Top-down strategy is what management believes needs to get

The bottom-up strategy is what actually gets done.

Bottom-up strategy is achieved as middle managers and
employees try to execute what they understand to be the
top-down strategy.

Often, the result is that the two strategies are not
aligned and the potential of the company is never

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The key to resolving these
misaligned strategies is the establishment of a
high-performance work culture.

In a high performance work culture, employee behavior and
performance expectations are driven by the company’s
strategic direction and the marketing brand promises made
to customers.

But how do you create such an environment?

It is with great excitement that we are reactivating the
subsidiary of our firm specifically dedicated to building
high-performance environments through the application of
Financial & Human Capital Management Techniques.

We have launched a separate website dedicated to this
venture and invite you to view the Case Studies of the
clients that we have served in this consulting area since
1995.  The website is www.LukeshConsulting.com.

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