Nelson Mandela – A Leader Who Follows

The book, “Long Walk to Freedom,” is the autobiography of Nelson Mandela’s odyssey from apartheid to leading his nation.

One of the many valuable management lessons in this book is the message that leaders need to commit themselves to helping “people to live their lives with dignity and self-respect.”

Mandela’s leadership style reflects this lesson.  His leadership is respectful in that he exemplifies the “leader who follows” concept.

Mandela leads from ¬behind by encouraging consensual strategies.  Fundamentally, Mandela rejects the “great man” ¬approach and stresses his role as one among many great men and women.

HR POINTER: The idea of helping employees lead lives of dignity and self-respect is fundamental to establishing an organizational culture that competitors can’t duplicate.

Within our businesses, the lessons in Mandela’s book can help us involve personnel in aspects of decision making that can be mutually empowering.

The process of involving employees in certain decisions about work helps to show them the value of their work and the dignity of the work itself.

A constant theme in Mandela’s book is the sense of belonging to a greater whole and the desire to better the lives of others.

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