Motivating Employees the General Eisenhower Way

“Employees are our most important asset.”  How many times
have you heard this line or even seen it written in
company mission and values statements?

But how many companies “walk this talk” by showing their
employees exactly how valuable they are?

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: It has been my experience that high
morale generates more productivity and more of those
little “extras” such as willingness to put in OT,
attentiveness to details, cooperative interaction with
others, etc.  These soft qualities are hard to measure,
but are easy to identify when they are not there.

General Eisenhower understood this as he prepared for
D-Day.  He understood that the “soft stuff” such as morale
could make all the difference as his troops prepared for a
major assault.

Some of the morale boosters that General Eisenhower used
1. He made sure that enlisted men got as much time on
leave as the officers.

2. He sent his officers on leave before they got burned

3. He made sure that enlisted men had access to
transportation for recreational activities as easily as

4. He made sure that captured wine was distributed

5. He made sure that promotions were based on merit rather
than on seniority and connections.

These may all sound like little things, but when it comes
to morale, these actions spoke volumes to Ike’s troops.

If you would like to see a methodology for improving
employee morale, click on this website:  

When the website opens, click on the Downloads section and
download the white paper titled:
“Building Customer & Employee Loyalty.”

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