Monetary Fines To Correct Behaviors

My final comment on the book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get
You There,” by Marshall Goldsmith is about the use of
monetary fines as a method for getting managers to change
certain character flaws.

If there is one thing that senior managers understand, it
is money.  Dollars tend to be a universal measuring stick. 
As such, Goldsmith advocates the use of financial fines
each time a manager exhibits a behavior that the manager
wants to correct.

An example would be a manager who wants to reduce or
eliminate the behavior of “making destructive comments.” 
This manager would elicit the help of peers and
subordinates who would keep a daily tally of the manager’s
transgressions of this behavior.  The manager would then
be required to place $20 per incident into a fund to be
used for some purpose such as an office lunch.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: With senior managers, monetary
fines can be very effective at getting the person to pay
attention to the number of times that he/she exhibits a

A key to this tactic is the full agreement and cooperation
of the manager and his/her subordinates and peers.  The
last thing you want to do is to have the manager begin a
new bad habit such as “killing the messenger” every time
someone charges the manager $20 for catching the executive
“making destructive comments.”

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