Middle Managers – More Important Than Business Strategy

According to an article from Knowledge-Wharton, middle
managers have a greater impact on company performance than
any other part of an organization.

Ethan Mollick from the Wharton Business School notes that
the often overlooked and maligned middle managers are more
important to performance than organizational factors such
as business strategy, management systems, and Human
Resource practices.

HR POINTER: There is an old adage, “Employees don’t stay
with companies, they stay with supervisors.”

The point is that middle managers matter.  Rather than
treating them as the business partners they are, many
companies continue to engage in the Mushroom Theory of
Management by keeping middle managers in the dark, feeding
them “fertilizer,” and hoping they grow.

Andy Grove in his book, “Only the Paranoid Survive,” was a
die-hard advocate of middle managers as they are the
people who get “the first whiffs of change” and have the
ultimate ability to affect locally what senior management
is trying to achieve globally.

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