Your Part-Time HR Manager Company Membership Program

It has been said that capitalism is a book of many chapters, and we are about to begin a new one.  As the U.S. emerges from the Great Recession, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are rethinking their operating models and cost structures as demand patterns for their products and services have changed.

The concept of investing heavily in core competencies and outsourcing non-core competencies has suddenly taken on new meaning as SMBs attempt to radically reduce costs.

One of the non-core competencies at the top of the cost-savings outsourcing list is Human Resources.

Every small to mid-sized organization has someone designated to do basic Human Resource (HR) activities such as hiring new employees, completion of benefits forms, answering employee questions, disciplinary action, etc.

In very small businesses, it is often the CEO/Owner who completes these activities.  As the business grows towards 50 employees, these HR functions may fall to the Office Manager or someone in finance such as the Controller or a Payroll Clerk.

Organizations with 50 to 100 employees are often still too small to incur the $75,000 to $85,000 cost per year that is required to hire a full-time HR professional.  As such, these organizations often hire a HR Coordinator or an Administrative Assistant to handle HR activities with the hope that this person will be able to grow into the position.

Finally, organizations with 100 to 200 employees may have a need for a full-time HR professional based on turnover and growth.  However, it has been our experience that even in these larger businesses, an effective Administrative Assistant along with our services 2 days per week can easily maintain a professional Human Resource Department with a savings of at least $50,000 per year.

As such, SMBs can realize substantial savings by outsourcing high-level HR professional advice while maintaining simple HR paperwork activities in-house.

Our firm is at the forefront of this outsourcing movement in the SMB market.  However, not only are we at the forefront of this movement, but we are also redefining HR outsourcing with our on-call and part-time on-site service models.

As part of our effort to offer cost effective HR outsourcing to the SMB market, we are presenting clients with a unique Membership option.  Based on company size, turnover, and growth potential, a client company can select a Membership option that best controls its costs from the following four choices:

  • Non-Member On-Call – Pay full Non-Member pricing when engaged.
  • Non-Member On-Site – Pay full Non-Member pricing for ongoing HR services.
  • Member On-Call – Receive Member pricing with 20% to 40% savings when engaged.
  • Member On-Site – Receive Member pricing with 20% to 40% savings for ongoing HR services.

We have listed below the advantages and benefits of our Membership Program for a client:


  • Unlimited cell phone access for immediate consultation for HR emergencies.
  • 1 day response to an unlimited number of HR questions via email.
  • A quarterly one-on-one 30-minute HR phone consultation.
  • A weekly email titled, “HR Compliance & Legal Hot Sheet,” that reviews court decisions and summarizes state or federal laws that can have a financial impact (positive or negative) on a business – no charge.
  • A weekly email titled, “HR Tip-of-the-Week,” that is designed to challenge a manager’s thinking on a whole range of management topics, not just HR issues.
  • A 180-question HR Assessment of your business (a $575 investment for Non-Members).


  • 20% to 30% savings on selected products, flat-fee services, webinars, and consultations.
  • 40% savings for part-time on-site Outsourced HR services.

The investment to be part of our Membership Program for a company with less than 200 employees is $495.00 per year.

Our clients who are part of our Membership Program have found this service to be invaluable.

As one of our clients has said, “Getting accurate HR advice with a simple phone call is far less expensive than calling my attorney and less time consuming than spending an hour searching on Google.”

For more information about our Membership Program, contact our corporate offices.