Marketing Your Way Through A Recession – Part II

In my last post, I introduced an article titled,
“Marketing Through A Recession” from The Harvard Business
School publication, Working Knowledge.

The article listed 8 factors to keep in mind as you
implement your marketing plans during a recession.

The eighth factor was:
“Emphasize Core Values – …chief executives can cement the
loyalty of those who remain by assuring employees that the
company has survived difficult times before…”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: It’s worth repeating: When tough
times hit, there is great value in getting back to basics
and returning to your company’s core values.

Regardless of your politics, we have to admire President
Obama for not hiding in the White House during this
crisis.  His frequent public appearances and his
willingness to address questions from the crowds can help
to instill confidence in a time of uncertainty – you need
to do the same in your company!

If you would like to read the above referenced article
yourself, here is the link:

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