Marketing Your Way Through A Recession – Part I

The Harvard Business School produces a regular publication
titled, Working Knowledge.

In reviewing this publication, I found an article from
last year titled, “Marketing Your Way Through A
Recession.”  This article listed 8 factors to keep in mind
as you implement your marketing plans during a recession.

The second factor was:
“Focus On Family Values – When economic hard times loom,
we tend to retreat to our village.  Look for cozy heart-
and-home family scenes in advertising…”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Whether it’s your advertising to
customers or your communications to your employees, the
“cozy heart-and-home” advice is applicable.

I have been noticing an increase in stress among employees
in my client firms.  People who are normally very easy
going are exhibiting considerable defensiveness in their
interactions with others, which is attributable to the

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to begin some small
group meetings with employees about your business and
about issues that concern them.  Trust me when I tell you
that they will appreciate the communication.

If you would like to read the above referenced article
yourself, here is the link:

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