March 31 is New EEO-1 Deadline

After more than 50 years of having the EEO-1 deadline as
September 30, the EEOC has now changed it to March 31.

This was originally changed when the EEOC was attempting
to gather salary data in addition to the standard race and
gender information. With this proposed change, the filing
date was moved from 9/30/17 to 3/31/18.

The compensation data requirement was subsequently removed
but the filing date stayed as 3/31/18.

As such, the EEOC is now using March 31 as the filing

To complete the EEO-1, a company takes a snapshot of a
given payroll from the period October 1 to December 31
that precedes the March 31 filing date.

The EEOC website does not currently show any material
about the 2018 Survey, but below is a link to general info
about the EEO-1 Survey:


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