Managing The Vital Many

I recently read an article by the global consulting firm, McKinsey & Company.  The article basically admitted that 10 years ago when McKinsey issued its research report titled, “War for Talent,” that it made an error in one of its recommendations.  The recommendation stated in essence to identify the A-Players of a business and compensate them at a rate 40% higher than the B-Players.

What McKinsey now realizes is that the people identified as the A-Players, were A-Level Players as a result of the 80%+ of employees who are the B-Players and who support the infrastructure that allows A-Players to play at an A-Level.  As such McKinsey’s new recommendation is a strategy for “managing the vital many” rather than the “vital few.”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: When dealing with employees, use your commonsense.  When you start treating one group of employees differently than another, be sure that the criteria for that different treatment is objective and open to all people who can meet that standard.

It’s refreshing to see such a large and respected consultancy as McKinsey be intellectually honest and admit an error publicly.

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