Managing People In Turbulent Times

I have recently read a number of articles and have
received many emails to attend seminars and webinars on
the general topic of “How to manage employees in a
turbulent economy.”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Well, I hate to be the one to break
the bad news to all the gurus that are making money
peddling this bull, but there is no difference in managing
employees in good times and in bad times.

If you are a good manager, you will keep doing what you
have always done.  It doesn’t need to change if the
economy temporarily heads south.  There are no special
techniques for boom and bust cycles.

I am always curious about what makes otherwise intelligent
business executives think that the basics of good employee
relations change simply because there are issues in the
economy?  Managers need to stop following fads and get
back to the fundamentals of why people work and what makes
them proud to work for a viable organization.

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